As a society, we hold a monthly meeting of the committee at the end of every month and host an Annual General Meeting in October every year which is open to all members of the society.  

We also have a series of talks, held in the Llantonian Hall on the last Wednesday of every month at 7.30pm with guest speakers discussing a range of topics from growing fruit and vegetables to managing nature reserves.. These talks are free for anyone to attend, not exclusive to members.  

Our guest speaker this week has asked every attendee please bring a can of puppy food in jelly with them to the talk for the arrival of new baby hedgehogs!


REARRANGED from 2018 - Pheasant Acre Plants are back to talk dahlias!

Wednesday 29th May 7.30pm in the Llantonian Hall, Llantwit Major.

may 2019 talk.jpg